Inspiring young people

Help young people learn about the world of work by offering your time, skills and experience to those in education.

Buckinghamshire is blessed with an excellent education system and an entrepreneurial heart that forms the lifeblood of our strong business community. Bridging the gap between education and business is vital to ensuring future generations are ready for work, which is exactly what OppsinBucks was formed for.

OppsinBucks brings commercial learning and experience into the classroom, enabling business leaders to speak directly to young people, inspiring them with their knowledge, skills and experience in business. As well as learning about specific business types, the young people will also learn vital soft skills like problem-solving, decision-making, confidence, professionalism, teamwork and leadership to prepare them for the world of work. This is done through a mix of workshops, real business challenges, live briefs from industry experts and work experience.

The overall effect is that young people will feel connected to the world of work through their education and be shown the relevance of what they are learning. They will also discover the many varied careers and opportunities that are available to them.

The OppsinBucks website advertises offers by both businesses and educators. Businesses can place an offer such as ‘Teaching interview skills’ or ‘A paid work placement’ that educators can then set their students up with. Equally, educators will post adverts for someone with a certain skill or experience level to speak to their students and you may find that you fit the bill perfectly.