Limited company or sole trader?

I want to start up a childcare agency where I would basically be helping people looking for childcare (Nannys/ nursery staff etc) to find employees in return for a fee. Would it be better to be a sole trader or a limted company for this kind of business? I dont know very much about either of them and any advice would be apriciated. 



It was my firm that presented the workshop on the choice between Limited Company and other forms of business structure. I'd be very happy to provide you with a copy of the presentation, or talk you through the factors to be considered in making this decision. Please feel free to e-mail me on if you'd like any help on the issue. As Ian mentioned in his earlier post, we provide a free initial consultation (not limited to half an hour!) and I'd welcome your contact if you'd like to take up that offer. All the best, Simon.

Claire, hi, did you get Simon's details? Ian

Hi Simon, would you kindly share the details with me to? Many thanks Claire

Hi, In addition the Gov.Uk website offers a very good overview of the different company structures, so a review of that will be useful. If you e-mail me I will send a link.

Hi, the answer to so many of these questions is "It depends". We recently had an accountancy form did a workshop for us covering this question. So my best answer is to contact a local accountant. Most offer a half hour free consultation. Best wishes. Ian

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