How to use Google Tag Manager

How to use Google Tag Manager

Tags are snippets of code that you add to your website in order to collect information and send it to third parties. Common examples include the Google Analytics tracking tag, the Facebook Pixel, the LinkedIn insight tag and Twitter conversion tracking tags but there are many, many others.Google Tag Manager is a simple web-based interface that simplifies the process of working with tags on your website. Rather than going into the source code or plugins for your site every time you want to add a new tag, Google Tag Manager enables you to do everything you need in one place.Google Tag Manager also enables you to go beyond the tracking functionality in Google Analytics to collect much more data and monitor more precisely how people interact with your website. Perhaps you’d like to know how far people scroll down the pages of your site, or how many are submitting your contact form, or watching a video on your site? Google Tag Manager can help you with all of this and more.


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