Our clients are entrepreneurs, MDs and managers looking to solve existing business problems, build confidence, or create new business.

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A bit about us

Our help comes in three flavours: 

  • Business Advice – when you want a solution to a particular problem quickly 
  • Mentoring – when you need to build your confidence in delivering a solution 
  • Training – when you need specific knowledge for the future

Although we can, and do, work with any small or medium sized business that needs our help, we specialise in helping those that operate with IT in them somewhere. Using IT solutions like MS office is straightforward - but navigating the ever changing IT scene, or managing the technical geniuses who integrate productivity tools or develop solutions internally, is not. Managing this effectively is frequently crucial to the continued success of your organisation.

For IT experts starting their own business, whether you are fixing PCs, writing back-office systems or developing cloud based services, having a better understanding of the business world will add greatly to your success.

If this is you, then we can help.

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