Keyword Research Tool Provider and Digital Marketing Mentor – James Pybus

Keyword Research Tool Provider and Digital Marketing Mentor – James Pybus

100% Free to use Keyword Research Tool and Digital Marketing strategy based on The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology.

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A bit about us

Benefit from my 25 years in digital marketing, I am:

1. Creator of 'The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology'

2. Author of 'Lost in the Digital Noise' – on digital strategy.

3. Designer of Best Marketing Management Tool 2019 at the B2B marketing Expo ExCel London. (

The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology is a proven framework that I have created over the last 12 years. I regularly provide training for full-time MSc and Hult International students, businesses, PR and Digital Agency staff based around the Logic Methodology.

The framework has been proven to work on over 40 websites in a number of sectors ranging from one-person businesses, SMEs, as well as Microsoft HP Platinum partners and Global retailers.

I can train you or your team or I offer a done for you service over a 6 month time period.

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97 NPS from over 160 - 5 Star - reviews., and Testimonials.

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CONTACT ME: I help people understand digital marketing and how they can improve their online presence

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  • Keyword Research Tool Provider and Digital Marketing Mentor – James Pybus
  • 34 Greensleeves Drive Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP18 0GG

Keyword Research Tool Provider and Digital Marketing Mentor – James Pybus video

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I was so pleased to recently attend a workshop hosted by Michelle & Gemma, as I came away with so much useful knowledge, which I can now apply to my website. They are both very experienced & knowledgeable in this field & offer many services to suit your requirement. They go out of their way to find the right solutions for you & your business.
I would recommend them & gave 5 stars

  • Anonymous
  • Shazazz Jewellery
  • 12 September, 2019

It’s hard to find genuine SEO experts with the passion that James has to help companies develop their online presence.

I Have recommended his services to countless companies and without exception receive detailed notes of thanks from them for having done so.

In addition to delivering tangible results, he takes the time to meticulously explain SEO strategy - empowering his clients to take that knowledge forward themselves while always ready to guide where needed.

I could not recommend James and his team more highly.

  • Anonymous
  • Vala Capital
  • 12 December, 2019

I have known James for a while through networking and attended one of his webinars in January 2020 and I got so much information from it. It just so happened I was rebuilding my company website at the time, lucky for me!

I have met with James since the webinar and I now have a far better understanding of Google Search, keywords etc.

Always a pleasure to talk and work with James and if you run a small business I recommend you talk to him about your digital marketing.

  • Bill Slaven
  • 4 February, 2020

If you don't know where to start promoting your website online or don't know why it's not ranking in Google then James is THE person to speak to. His methods aren't rocket science, just a great methodology to ensure you get the basics right. I build my previous business using just these techniques and exited when a trade buyer acquired us for our rankings and customer database so I know these methods work. James puts everything you need to do in a logical process and after 12 yrs in E-Commerce I learnt a few tricks to help us improve further. An hour with James is probably THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make in growing your business.

  • Colin S
  • Business Owner
  • Unspecified

Great advice from a true expert.

There are many people in the world of SEO who claim to know what they are doing and really know very little. James is an exception, he knows what he is doing and can explain it in a logical way that anybody can understand.

I will be implementing the strategies for my own business and will definitely be recommending James to those who need an upper hand.

  • Damien O'Dwyer
  • 7 July, 2020

I own a hospitality business in Buckinghamshire. I upgraded my website which unfortunately led to us losing 6 years' SERP results. I definitely needed help to recover the listings and turned to James and Gemma for assistance.

I am very pleased with the process, they explained what they were doing and the reasons why, it all made sense to me as an IT layman. I ended up back on the front on Google – highly recommended to anyone who needs to boost their website traffic.

  • Ellie
  • Owner
  • The Malt House Aylesbury
  • Unspecified

James was fantastically clear, he took us through all the steps we would need to create our own SEO optimised website - in just one meeting! Using this knowledge and his tool, we know have everything we need to get going.

I can't recommend him highly enough.

  • Emily Cummin
  • 25 March, 2020

James took us through a very comprehensive session covering keyword research, web page optimisation, google ad planning and content strategy. It was very informative and useful. James knows his stuff.

  • Frazer Lewis
  • Unspecified

Excellent service, we are thrilled with the outcome.

  • Gary Wright
  • Unspecified

Being a total novice and brand new to the world of business and digital marketing, I had a website idea I wanted help with building and promoting in the most cost effective way. James Pybus gave me a one to one training session which provided me with all the information I needed - from the basics of hosting sites and web design, to the more intricate details of his marketing methodology. It gave me invaluable information and was offered at such a fair price. James is very ethical and working with someone who clearly believes in helping others is a real find and greatly appreciated. I highly recommend James – especially for the start up entrepreneur like me with no know how! Thank you James, I feel ahead of the game already!

  • Helen Bonilla
  • 6 February, 2020


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  • James
  • Director
  • DMIS
  • Unspecified

A friend of mine recommend James as someone that could deliver a real digital strategy, a strategy that works in the real world. (I have tried a few agencies) Firstly I was surprised by their unique approach, they shared what they were doing and why they were doing it, they gave me a structured plan for the foundation work and then offered flexible packages to suit my budget for the link building and paid advertising. I found the training interesting and it gave me a better understanding of what is required to be successful online. I should point out my business is located in Germany but I focus on English speakers. If you are looking for a team to support your digital marketing efforts I would have no doubts in recommending James and his team.

  • Janet
  • Burgard
  • Ramstein
  • Unspecified

James has been very helpful and insightful. He takes existing SEO, PPC and content knowledge and links it together into a helpful methodology to boost your online profile. I have been very impressed so far and am looking forward to working with James in the future.

  • Laura
  • 10 June, 2020

I first saw James at a local business seminar. There was a lot to take in but he talked a lot of sense and it was interesting to hear his methodology and his background. I wanted a more personal service so I booked one of his interactive online meetings (which he gives you a recording of afterwards) Along with this and his book has given us good stead for implementing our online Digital Marketing strategy which we will soon undertake now our website is ready. We used a digital agency (which James claims there are a lot of inexperienced and unknowledgeable people in) How true this is (in our experience anyway having dealt with a few in our time !) if only I had seen James before committing to these digital agencies. Anyone who needs help with websites or digital marketing you should definitely contact James as he offers very good value for money and is a straight talker and very honest. Would definitely recommend !

  • Louis
  • 3 March, 2020

James experience in digital marketing can clearly be seen in his work and approach. I can’t say enough about how well solutions at emarketing-strategy are tailored to the needs of SMEs. I recommend James to any business wanting to reach new customers and grow, especially locally.

  • Martyna
  • Unspecified

I've attended 2 courses now with James, and his whole approach to digital marketing is innovative and takes away the opinion that you need to spend a fortune on web developers, or that only a professional digital marketer can work out how to make an online business work. With the correct knowledge and strategy it is something almost anyone can do, no matter what your business offers. James is straight to the point and doesn't over complicate anything. 100% recommended.

  • Nigel (Briants Of Risborough Ltd)
  • 12 November, 2019

James and his team helped to de-mystify some of the aspects of SEO and gave me a review of my current website to show where improvements could be made to improve my website's ranking on search engines like Google. Then followed some practical pointers as to how these improvements could be made.
All of this was done with great patience and understanding.

Doubtless I will be using them again to help to make some of the improvements required!

  • Richard
  • Claessons
  • Salestec
  • Unspecified

Great experience!

Having worked with DMIS for a short time, it is clear that their experience and insight would be invaluable to just about any business at any level.

I'm very excited and motivated about implementing my new found knowledge whilst working with DMIS going forward.

  • Sam Lauder
  • 1 September, 2020

This training has opened my eyes on what it really takes to be successful in digital marketing. James shares his tried and tested methodology and explains how to implement the method in practice. I would recommend James’ training to anyone who is involved with marketing or running digital services, interns to CMOs; in my view, everyone can benefit from James’ words of wisdom.

  • Sarah Handley
  • 3 March, 2020

James worked with us over a 6 month period to improve team skills and SEO performance. His exceptional knowledge of digital marketing ensured that the project was delivered and the team skills were dramatically developed by time the project finished. James really cares about the impact of results and will offer truthful and honest advise throughout. Great consultant, fully recommended

  • Sophie
  • Barry
  • Imago Tech Media
  • Unspecified

Really smart guys who know their stuff and are very use-friendly. The world of SEO is riddled with dubious characters, so it's great to have a trusted partner in that space. Their knowledge and insight on Infusionsoft has also been of great value to us and they are our go-to people.

  • Steve
  • Director
  • Digital Agency
  • 4 January, 2020

James ran a 4 hour course on Digital Marketing, which absolutely opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities which exist out there for my business. This is far more sophisticated than an Ad in the local paper, and with far greater reach. It is worth getting expert help and James Pybus certainly offers that. He is very customer friendly and able to explain the process simply so that I could make the right choices for my business. I would thoroughly recommend Digital Marketing Implementation Services.

  • Tony Bobroff, Mediator, Family Matters
  • 18 March, 2020

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