Buckinghamshire Skills Hub

Buckinghamshire Skills Hub

Bringing educators and employers together to prepare young people for career choices and help them to develop skills for the workplace

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A bit about us

Our remit is to bridge the gap between education and employers in order to help young people develop skills and get better informed about careers. This is done by encouraging employers to get involved by delivering careers talks or skills workshops to young people in schools. By increasing their exposure to business, young people will develop important professional skills, connect learning to careers, and in the process become more informed about career choices.

Our website (www.oppsinbuck.org) is where employers and educators can connect and post offers or requests for support in the classroom. If you have any activities that you believe would be useful in developing skills or would be interested in talking through your career journey with young people, please consider registering on this site.

In addition, we now have a student facing website (www.WANNABEbucks.org) where employers can post work experience, apprenticeship, and part/full time job vacancies direct to young people. The site is newly live and we are busy populating with opportunities - we would welcome any vacancies you may have to post via https://oppsinbucks.org/i-am-ready-to-get-involved/.

Let’s work together to prepare our young people  for career choices and help them to develop skills for the workplace!

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Marina Jackson

Marina Jackson

Under 19 Skills Manager

Paddy Patterson

Paddy Patterson

Apprenticeships Manager

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Luisa Clarke

Enterprise Coordinator

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