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Requisite I.T. specialise in providing quality business solutions and resources to SMEs across UK and Europe

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We focus on IT Services, Project Management, Coaching & HR Services with a multi-disciplinary team based in Buckinghamshire and Nottinghamshire. 

A core strength of Requisite I.T. is our unique combination of complementary services underpinned by an experienced team with specialist skills and qualifications.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility - doing what is best for our customers rather than what might be most profitable today.  While some customers ask for individual services to fill gaps, others prefer to as us to deliver whole projects requiring a range of our skills.

Following a 'common sense' methodology we will listen, question, understand, and then evaluate, prior to considering the action that may be appropriate.  We don't employ sales staff, only experienced and highly qualified specialists that can talk to you in plain English rather than complex jargon.  Whether you are an individual or large business, we believe that a relationship based on mutual understanding and flexibility is beneficial to all involved. 

People are at the heart of every business and therefore it is critical that an employer understands their responsibilities and both employer and employee rights.  Requisite I.T. offer a range of HR support from hiring and training to more complex HR issues that can arise.

Coaching uses a variety of techniques to enable a solution or path towards it to be defined, be it personal or business goals.  Coaching can be used before the start of a project or at various points during a project's life cycle to provide reflection and reaffirmation of objectives.  We provide Exec coaching and for those moving into leadership roles as well as group coaching at Board level.  Coaching is also relevant for middle management and individuals new into role.

Individuals that use life coaching are typically healthy and successful people who may be stuck with a particular aspect of their life, or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal coach. 

We provide group coaching and one to one sessions dependent on your requirements.


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