Helping Buckinghamshire’s workforce to get to grips with Microsoft Excel

Buckinghamshire Council’s Adult Learning Service is delivering free numeracy workshops across Buckinghamshire as part of its local approach to the government’s Skills for Life: Multiply initiative.

The latest series of online workshops focus on helping local businesses improve employees’ skills and confidence with Microsoft Excel.

The best way to learn Excel is to use Excel, which is why Buckinghamshire Adult Learning is offering a series of 90-minute online workshops targeted at adults (aged 19+) living and/or working in Buckinghamshire who do not already have a maths GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) or hold a Level 2 Maths qualification.

What will the workshops cover?

The workshops aim to help local businesses improve their employees’ confidence in using Microsoft Excel for business use.

Each workshop has been designed to cover specific Microsoft Excel software skills required in the workplace, including formatting, optimising, and managing spreadsheets, and meticulously collecting, analysing and presenting data.

Book onto the workshops

Unlock yours and/or your employees’ potential with one (or all) of the online ‘Getting to grips with…’ workshops, taking place throughout June.

Learn more about each event and book here below:

Getting to grips with Excel (Wednesday 7 June: 9.30am – 11am)

This workshop is targeted at people who have been working with spreadsheets created by others and now need the skills and confidence to be able to build their own spreadsheets and create automated calculations using formulae and functions.

By the end of the session, learners will be able to create spreadsheets which include simple calculations and use some of the popular functions:

  • Counting cells
  • Inserting, editing, & deleting comments
  • Creating borders
  • Wrapping text
  • Merging cells
  • Pasting, sorting, & converting columns to rows

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Getting to grips with Data (Wednesday 21 June: 9.30am – 11am)

This workshop is targeted at people who use spreadsheets and now need the skills and knowledge needed to analyse and present data as part of their work tasks.

By the end of the session, learners will be comfortable analysing data and presenting the results in a user-friendly way.

  • Creating graphs & charts
  • Master the characteristics of Vlookup match and index
  • Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Adding passwords

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Getting to grips with Budgets (Wednesday 28 June: 9.30am – 11am)

This workshop is targeted at people who use spreadsheets within the workplace and now need to further develop their skills to manage business finances via Excel for example, departmental budgets, expenses, and VAT.

By the end of the session, learners will be confident in using spreadsheets to support the setting, monitoring, and tracking of budgets and finances.

  • PMT and related financial functions
  • Create non-contiguous charts and graphs related to finances
  • Dual-axis charts
  • Extrapolate trends and report on them

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For more information, visit the 'Getting to grips with Microsoft Excel' webpage

The benefits to businesses

Microsoft Excel is a popular business tool for small, medium and large businesses alike and can help to speed up productivity and collect and organise data.

The workshops could offer valuable upskilling for employees in every sector, from public to private, retail to real estate, business administration to IT support and finance to recruitment.

Ensuring employees are confident in using Microsoft Excel software can lead to a more efficient and thriving workforce, maximising productivity and outputs.

Importantly, these workshops will not only benefit Buckinghamshire’s local businesses, but their employees too. Learning new skills can support career growth, give people the confidence to take on more challenges, open up new career opportunities and provide Buckinghamshire’s local workforce with essential skills which can be transferable into everyday life. With the ‘Getting to grips with…’ workshop series, learners will be encouraged to apply the skills and techniques they learn along the way to solve a broad range of business problems.

Building Skills for Life

The ‘Getting to grips with…’ online workshops are the latest workshops to be delivered as part of the wider Skills for Life: Multiply campaign, being delivered locally by Buckinghamshire Adult Learning. Skills for Life is the government’s project born out of the need to not only recover economically from the pandemic, but to level up opportunity so that the United Kingdom can thrive – investing in people all across our country and strengthening local economies so they can get the skills they need to get the jobs they want.

Having secured government funding for three years, Buckinghamshire Adult Learning launched its Multiply programme in August 2022. The campaign comes under the council’s flagship programme to deliver its localised levelling up strategy, Opportunity Bucks – Succeeding for all, which aims to improve opportunities and outcomes for people in Buckinghamshire. The programme is being delivered against five key themes: education & youth engagement; jobs, skills & careers; quality of public realm; standard of living; and health and wellbeing.

Delivery of the Multiply campaign and associated workshops supports both the themes of education & youth engagement, and jobs, skills and careers by helping give people the opportunity to achieve: 

  • a good quality job that pays enough money to support a decent quality of life
  • a good standard of attainment and skills
  • learning and career progression

Multiply offers free numeracy courses for people in Buckinghamshire (aged 19+) who don’t have a maths qualification at GCSE grade C or above (or equivalent). The free courses can help people improve their confidence with numbers and using numeracy at work or in their everyday life, or gain a qualification (foundations of maths knowledge to GCSE Maths and Level 2 Functional Skills Qualification). 

For more information on the Multiply programme and to see what courses are available online, visit the Buckinghamshire Adult Learning website.

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