Sponsor in the Spotlight – Heart of Bucks

The sponsor of the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, Heart of Bucks, explain what the award means to them.

The Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award recognises those businesses who have a strong track record of playing their responsible part in society and giving back to it, through fund raising, active support from company employees and/or providing opportunities for worthy causes, for which there is no direct financial benefit to the company.

Peter Costello, Chief Executive of Heart of Bucks, said: “As the county’s community foundation, our main aim is to encourage and enable localised ‘giving back’, so that a wide range of charitable causes can be funded across Buckinghamshire.

“Everyone in the local community has a part to play in this giving, including businesses, and we are always delighted to see so many members of the Buckinghamshire business community give up their time, resources and energy for good causes.

“By sponsoring the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award we can celebrate those businesses that have made a concerted effort to improve the world around them, while also encouraging other businesses to see the benefits of doing so themselves.

“Through working closely with our donors, we are able to support them in their charitable objectives, enabling them to make a difference in the areas and local communities that they are passionate about. Together with our donors, we were able to invest more than £760,000 in the last year. These funds have been awarded to a hugely diverse array of projects, all helping to improve the lives of people living in Buckinghamshire.”

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