Wanted - plastic wrapping!

We are taking part in the Crisp Packet Challenge and need good quality, recycled plastic to help make crisp packet blankets for homeless people. We are having problems sourcing the plastic - it is the sort that wraps large pallets of goods, mattresses, sofas or other food or large goods. Are there any business that could get in touch with me who can provide/donate this?

Thank you in advance,

Sarah Melvin


Hi Susan - that's great news, thank you! The project is headed up by our Head Girl team - Sahar, Abbie and Flora - and I have asked them to contact you directly. Best wishes, Sarah

Good afternoon Sarah,
This sounds like LDPE shrink wrap, which I'm sure a whole host of local businesses would be happy to provide you with.
We are rather a distance away, but, like many industrial businesses, generally have a bin full of the stuff, ready to be taken away for recycling.
Do you know how much you are after?
Kind regards,
Susan Staff

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