BBF business support pays off for member

Rich Marsh, Founder and Managing Director of Licx UK Limited, was looking for support to start production and sales on a new brand of sexual health consumable products. Rich approached Buckinghamshire Business First for suggestions that he hoped would lead to support for his business, particularly funding.

The busines support team at Buckinghamshire Business First were on hand with their expertise, something Rich was grateful for. “Discovering Buckinghamshire Business First was a breath of fresh air. It’s full of people we could talk to face-to-face who knew their way around the entrepreneurial landscape. As a result of the support we saved time and quickly received practical and profitable help.”

On Buckinghamhsire Business First's recommendation Rich contacted UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). As a result, UKTI will soon help to fund Licx’ expansion into new export markets, as well as connect them with sales leads abroad. Further support came in the form of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), who provided help and funding that has enabled Licx to produce a broader range of products far quicker than they would otherwise have done.

Earlier this year in an edition of its e-newsletter, Buckinghamshire Business First reported on a new government Growth Vouchers scheme. Upon seeing the article Rich applied for a Growth Voucher and was recently successful in his application, meaning that Licx will now receive expert business advice on how to position itself to attract funding that would otherwise have been out of reach.

In an edition of the Buckinghamshire Business First newsletter Rich read an article on the Technology Strategy Board’s SMART Grants, which encourage SMEs to engage in R&D projects. Rich followed up on that article by applying for a grant, likewise with the new Velocity Growth Grants, which are match-funded grants worth up to £5,000 for businesses who have the ambition to grow.

All of this means that Licx is now in a position to produce more products than ever through its trading partners in the UK, meaning a boost to jobs nationally. Meanwhile, Licx pursues its policy of locally sourcing its products meaning additional money goes into the local economy.

Rich signs off with a recommendation to his fellow Buckinghamshire Business First members: “There is now a wealth of help and support out there for new businesses, but the difficulty for Licx was cutting through the sheer volume of it and avoiding the things that often appear helpful but are not what they seem. My advice would be to speak to people who know what they are talking about. Call Buckinghamshire Business First.”