Collateral gains for medical company at Buckinghamshire Business First event

The Buckinghamshire Business First events programme is made up of a wide variety of workshops, meetings and tutorials, but there is one thing they all have in common: they create great networking opportunities that lead to the formation of new business relationships.

The benefits of being around similarly-minded businesses

So when Angela Spang attended the Buckinghamshire MP’s Briefing event at GE Healthcare in late 2016, she was set on a course that would bring about a number of new business opportunities.

“Where do I begin?” ponders Angela, Managing Director of JUNE MEDICAL, specialists in female pelvic health who provide treatments to correct incontinence and prolapse in women. “Firstly, I met the team from Mediplus, a fellow medically focused business, and we set up a meeting to share the knowledge that we have both picked up over the years. We are now working closely with Mediplus to sell our product, Galaxy, through their direct salesforce in France. This is the kind of collaboration that can lead to great things for both parties and is one of the benefits of being part of a cluster of similarly-minded businesses.”

Part of the learning process of running a business is discovering and acknowledging weaknesses and areas to improve upon. Part of the joy of networking is discovering people who can do the things you struggle with and who offer you their support.

"Positive outcomes at a Buckinghamshire Business First event"

“I have often found applying for funding a struggle,” Angela admits, “so it was great to speak to Mike Sheehan, Director at business and project management solutions company Premiertask. Mike made it clear that he was good at what I am bad at, and we spoke soon after the MPs’ Briefing to go over a plan of action for applying for funding.”

“Not bad for collateral gains for a Friday morning,” says Angela. “And not surprising to have such concrete discussions and get such positive outcomes at a Buckinghamshire Business First event.”