Invaluable business support lays foundations for growth

Mike Iddon of Insight & Advice Ltd got in touch with the Buckinghamshire Business First Growth Programme in order to pursue growth opportunities for his business.

We asked Mike about his experience.

What made you reach out to the Growth Programme for support?

I was in need of specific advice for a new business opportunity I was pursuing at the time. I attended a seminar on business funding for SMEs organised by Buckinghamshire Business First in Aylesbury, which is where I became aware of the Growth Programme.

How helpful did you find the support from the programme?

It was really beneficial. I was the beneficiary of one-to-one support sessions with both the Growth Programme team and through the Fit4Funding programme, which were invaluable in challenging my thinking and plans.

I was supported excellently by Fit4Funding in building a financial business model and by attending a number of related workshop sessions.

The input I received will be valuable for future growth opportunities.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to say about the Growth Programme team and their support?

Everyone in the team was very supportive and interested in helping me grow my business. For a business like mine, where you are a single-person operation, the ability to talk to a business support team is invaluable.

Do you plan to reach out for further support from Buckinghamshire Business First?

I will be keeping my eyes out for any further programmes or support from Buckinghamshire Business First that relate to my business now and in the future.

Learn more about the Growth Programme

Learn more about the Growth Programme online, call 01494 927130 or book a chat with one of the team.

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