The Buckinghamshire business community working together

With expertise comes opportunity, as Buckinghamshire Business First Ambassador Mathew Moslehi discovered when hosting his own member to member workshop.

Mathew is the Regional Manager of IMSM Ltd, which helps businesses implement ISO 9001, the recognised standard used to evaluate the quality management systems of a business. Throughout 2016 Mathew has been hosting workshops on ISO 9001 for his fellow Buckinghamshire Business First members, an arrangement that has yielded positive results for both host and attendees.

It was at a workshop in May 2016 that Mathew met Jason Hewitt from Strawberry Medical. Jason wanted to implement ISO 9001 within his business in order to increase their sales prospects and came to the workshop to hear about the subject from an expert. At the end of the event, the two arranged a meeting for the very next day, at which they signed a contract to work together on implementing ISO 9001 within Strawberry Medical. Within weeks, work had begun.

“I used to help really large companies implement ISO 9001, but always knew that it applied to small businesses too,” Mathew says. “ISO 9001 is not simply a luxury, many businesses need to implement it in order to sell their products and services. The problem for small businesses is that they often can’t get to grips with the likes of the Health and Safety Executive and other official bodies. They don't know what to ask them and they don’t know how to implement what they are told to do. That’s where we come in, not only introducing businesses to ISO 9001, but also helping them understand it and ultimately to pass through the auditing process that follows.”

This is the second piece of business Mathew has garnered by hosting a member to member workshop, as the chance to show himself as an expert in his field and meet new businesses at the same time truly pays dividends for him and IMSM Ltd.

Buckinghamshire Business First Ambassador

Mathew recently co-invested in Buckinghamshire Business First and became one of our Ambassadors. He is extremely positive about playing a big part in the direction of the Buckinghamshire business community:

“I have worked with businesses all over the country, including in places like Cambridgeshire and Berkshire, and when I tell them about Buckinghamshire Business First they say ‘wow, that sounds like just what we need’, but they are jealous as there is nothing like it where they are.

“Buckinghamshire Business First offers an excellent platform that makes it easy for businesses to network with eachother, offer services to eachother and host workshops for eachother. I wanted to contribute to all of this and play a bigger role in the Buckinghamshire business community, which is why I am proud to have become an Ambassador of Buckinghamshire Business First.”