How do you manage people? - Getting the most out of your team - Nov 2019

How do you manage people? - Getting the most out of your team - Nov 2019

The problem with running a business is that you ALWAYS have staff issues; poor attitude, late arrivals, frequently absent, poor work, late work, emotional reactions, bad behaviour…

Do your staff work well together or are they frequently at loggerheads with each other?

“He hasn’t done that job I needed, that’s stopped me completing this task now I’m going to get it in the neck.”

“We’ve lost this opportunity because that wasn’t done on time.”

“They only give me half the information so it takes me twice as long to do the job.”

Would you like to discover if it is possible to...

  • keep everyone happy, all the time?
  • motivate all of the team to do the very best they can?
  • workout how much and what information to give them?
  • encourage them to learn from their mistakes?
  • encourage them to come up with new ideas to improve your business?

It all comes down to one question….How do you manage people?

Why attend?

There are no easy answers here….only a set of guidelines. Guidelines that have been researched and developed, tested, failed, changed, tested again, failed again, redrawn, tested again, amended and tested again many times over the last 20 years. These Guidelines put together, now provide a firm framework to use with your team.

When you get it right and you see your team working well together, when they are coming up with new ideas, when they are improving the performance of the business, it feels great because you made that happen!

These guidelines will...

  • demonstrate how to manage the behaviour and attitude of your employees, reducing the ‘atmosphere’ that permeates the team when one person ‘gets away with it’ or 2 people aren’t getting along.
  • show you how to manage their workloads to enable them, both individually and as teams, to make the most of their time in work, getting them to spend more time on the important areas of the job, and less time on the less important tasks.
  • help you develop your employees, enabling you to delegate more work, encouraging them to be proactive, generate new ideas and freeing up your time to manage the business.
  • improve the teamwork, reducing tensions when things aren’t going so well, enabling them to work together to achieve the end goal.
  • help you manage everybody differently but treat everybody fairly.

How will I benefit from attending? 

There is no magic wand, no quick and easy fix. These Guidelines will take YOU outside your comfort zone as much as it will take your staff outside theirs. But going outside your comfort zone is great because it means learning new things, learning how to improve, learning how to be better. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

So…If you don’t want to improve, if you don’t want to get better at your job, if you don’t want to be a better manager, don’t come on this workshop.


12 November, 2019 - 12 November, 2019
9:30am - 12:30pm
Registration from 9:00am
BBF Hub, West Wing, University Campus, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, HP11 2GZ
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The nearest car parks to the West Wing:

  • Eden Centre HP11 2BY - the exit from the orange zone of the car park is opposite the entrance to our Business Hub in the West Wing of the University. 
  • Wycombe Swan HP11 2XE
  • Easton Street HP11 1NT

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The car park is located near junction 4 of the M40 and offers a free bus service. Use the Wycombe Hospital stop and walk through the concourse to the West Wing.

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When arriving on foot, please use the google maps postcode HP11 2HZ for the West Wing building entrance on Lily’s Walk.

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About the presenter

Jeff Pert was a commercial banker for 25 years where he first developed the LogiQal Business Map. For the last 20 years he has used this Business Map to grow The Cashmere Centre into a £5m mail order business which now has 25 staff and has made a profit in every year. Whilst doing this he has faced many difficult staffing situations and has made many mistakes when dealing with people but by reflective learning he has created this framework for managing and getting the best out of his employees. He still gets it wrong… but not as often as before! He is the author of ‘Tomorrow’s Business.’

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