How to 'Brexit-proof' your business

How to 'Brexit-proof' your business

Break through the uncertainty of Brexit and make sure your business is fully prepared for any outcome!

No one can honestly say they know what is going to happen when (if!) we leave the EU, and there is little clarity as yet on what kind of deal the UK will leave with. However, there are things you can do as an owner to get your business ready for Brexit – whatever ends up happening! Coming to our workshop on ‘How to Brexit-proof your business’ is a first step…

By joining other local business owners at our workshop on the 12th March, you’ll learn:

• How to make your business more resilient

• The Four M’s of growing your profits in any economic situation

• Ways you can improve your profitability- ‘cash is king’ in uncertain times!

• Tips to retaining and building a strong team

Brexit has left business owners feeling uncertain and concerned over what this will mean for their business. Do you feel unnerved by the potential impact of Brexit and unsure what to plan for? Many owners feel the same and have become ‘frozen’ - with nothing in place to prep for the 29th March… This is the worst thing you can do!!

Make sure that your business is fully prepared for any eventuality and use this as an opportunity to grow your profits and make your business more resilient and successful! Many business owners won’t be preparing and won’t be being proactive, so it’s a fantastic chance for you to take the initiative and put your business in a much better position - giving you more profits in the process!

Prepare for Brexit ahead of the big day and get your organisation ahead of the competition!

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12 March, 2019 - 12 March, 2019
9:00am - 12:00pm
Kings Chapel, 30 High Street, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0DJ
ActionCOACH Chilterns

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