An Introduction to Twitter for small businesses

An Introduction to Twitter for small businesses

Twitter is one of the most widely used but most commonly misunderstood social networks. Used effectively, it can be an incredibly powerful tool, enabling you to identify and communicate with potential new customers as well as to build deeper relationships with your existing customers.Sign up for this one hour webinar and you will learn:-    Why use Twitter?        What it is and how it differs from other social networks        The difference between Twitter for personal use and Twitter for business use    Getting started on Twitter        Setting up an account        What makes an effective Twitter profile?    Basics of tweeting        What should you tweet about?        Using hashtags effectively        Dos and don’ts of tweeting    Building your Twitter network        Who should you follow?        How can you get more people to follow you?        Being part of your industry’s conversation on Twitter    Examples of different ways that businesses can use Twitter    Twitter analytics – measuring what’s working and what isn’t    Advertising on Twitter – a brief overview of paid features of Twitter and when you should consider using themWho should book onto this webinar?This webinar is aimed at any small business or organisation that wants to make more effective use of Twitter as part of their marketing strategy and to generate more sales for their business. You may already have a personal Twitter profile or one for your business but not be making much practical use of it, or perhaps you are starting completely from scratch and wondering if Twitter might be useful.


7 September, 2023 - 7 September, 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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