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Do you need to get found?  

Do you want more leads?

Fed up of haphazard marketing effort, that nets you nothing? 

If you are a B2B business in the Herts, Beds and Bucks areas, and can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then we need to talk! 01296 910131 or email me at karen.moule@enterprisemarketing.co.uk 



► #Market research: when you need: 

• To identify new target audiences

• To know why customers aren’t buying from you

• To confirm how many and where your customers are

• To know what they think of your business

• To understand who your competitors are and what they are offering


► #Marketing Strategy, when you need:

• Direction for your marketing

• A clear concept that resonates with your target audiences

• KPIs, goals and how this will be measured

• Clarification of how to use each media channel, why and when

• An impactful marketing campaign that works within your budget


► #Copywriting, across all media channels, that:

• Engages your audiences

• Encourages them to buy

• Persuades them to take action

• Talks to them regularly


► #Branding and design that:

• Makes you stand out

• Shows what you stand for

• Is applied consistently across your business

• Is the physical definition of experiencing your business


► #Print that positions you, defines you and conveys the essence of your business

► #Websites that: 

• Engage with useful and helpful information

• Take customers on a journey

• Convert to warmer leads

• Capture intelligence


► #Social media that

• Has a purpose and is appropriate for your business

• Engages with useful and helpful information


► #Events, when you need them to be:

• Well organised, planned and executed


And if you need a Marketing Troubleshooter for a Quick Fix, call us on 01296 910131 or email onesmallstep@enterprisemarketing.co.uk

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