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Forward thinking employers are recognising the link between commercial success and having happy, healthy and less stressed staff.  Introducing wellness programmes that focus on the "inner" wellbeing are leading the way in reaping the benefits of enhanced performance, increased resilience and improved employee engagement. 

My approach is to combine elements of mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence into easily understood, practical and engaging workshops and individual coaching.  

As a coach I work with executives and business owners to take time out of their hectic life to provide space to offload in a confidential and non-judgemental way that will lead to opening up new perspectives on work and life balance. 

I am also a facilitator and trainer specialising in improving the performance and resilience of staff and reducing the risk of stress related absences. 

I have a number of 1 hour workshops that are popular as they can be run during the day in the business with minimal disruption and are a great way to get the conversations started around wellbeing.

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