Net Zero Bucks: Bucks Business Awards sponsor

The Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2024 are open for entries, with the closing date for submissions on May 20th.

We are speaking to each of our brilliant Business Awards Sponsors to hear why they are involved with the awards - and what their message is to any business thinking of entering (which you can do right here!).

Net Zero Bucks - sponsors of the Net Zero Ambition Business of the Year Award

Net Zero Bucks is a fully-funded programme of support that helps businesses in Buckinghamshire on their journey to Net Zero.

What does the Net Zero Ambition Business of the Year Award mean to you?

"The Net Zero Ambition Award is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase the efforts they are making to a Net Zero future. It can be a great encouragement to other companies to show that even little steps taken to reduce emissions are better than taking no steps at all.

"We would encourage any business in Buckinghamshire that has taken that first step towards Net Zero to enter the category, as every entry potentially encourages another company to start their journey."
What impressed you most about Moogies, the winner of last year’s Net Zero Ambition Business of the Year Award?

"We were so pleased to see the passion and happiness shown by Helen and the team at Moogies when they won last year. Not all changes a company makes when trying to reduce emissions are glamorous, or even visible, so can often go unnoticed. To be recognised as a nominee (and hopefully a winner) is an inspiration to everyone to keep working hard on reducing emissions."
What would you say to any business that is thinking of entering the Net Zero Ambition category this year?

"You don’t need to be Net Zero, or close to zero emissions, in order to enter. You just need to have taken a proactive step and have a plan in place to start reducing your carbon footprint.

"The road to Net Zero isn’t always going to be quick, easy, or in some circumstances, cheap. But taking that first step will display what your company is doing and is enough to wave your net zero flag by entering the awards.

"There are plenty of customers out there looking to spend their money with businesses that are mindful of their impact on the environment, and the Buckinghamshire Business Awards are another way of showcasing what you are doing, and are another marketing tool to attract new business."
What support is available for businesses that want to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint?

"The first step towards Net Zero is being aware of what your emissions are today. The Net Zero Bucks programme allows companies to do just that. We take a business ‘by the hand’ and walk them through a carbon audit, which covers all areas of their business and calculates their various emissions. This isn’t as difficult or scary as many businesses often fear.

"We then create a report that allows the company to understand where their emissions are being generated and provides recommendations on what they can do going forward to reduce their carbon footprint. This first step gives the company a carbon reduction plan that is bespoke to their business.

"We also provide ongoing access to the carbon accounting platform, allowing the business to measure and monitor their emissions going forward. Net Zero Bucks gives a business the opportunity to start their journey towards Net Zero, and often, get a head start on their competitors."

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