Improve onsite Safety with Body Temperature Monitoring

Many companies are looking for solutions to reduce the risk of Covid-19 by screening staff and visitors coming to site.

Some companies have already deployed manual or automatic temperature measure processes. With more organisations planning to re-start operations or open facilities to staff or the public, a solution to reduce the risk of spreading infections in order to increase safety for staff and visitors is crucial. 

There are multiple solutions available, however one key aspect is the ability to deploy a solution quickly and easily, even without the need of third-party implementation onsite. Temperature screening terminals positioned in the entrance of buildings can be setup very quickly. The calibrated camera measures the temperature of people walking in very accurately. People with a temperature higher than the advised guidelines can be detected quick and easily. The solution is equipped with a screen to display the measurements. Facemask detection is also available. 

The system can be expanded to allow displaying the camera view remotely. This is ideal for sites where an entrance can’t be manned permanently, but access needs to be controlled. The solution can be setup and shipped completely configured and tested so that no site visit is required to install it. The system doesn’t require any connectivity to the corporate network and even the remote option can be connected via 4G. We can provide tailored solution for individual needs, however for most companies time is of the essence and speed and ease of deployment is critical. 

Providing this immediate automated screening allows sites to open and operate safely. We have a solution set up and working in our offices and we would be happy to provide an online demonstration to show how it all works. We are offering a discount of 15% for all Buckinghamshire Business First members when they place an order before the end July.

Please contact us on 01494 833100 or for more information, a demo or a quote. 

If you have more complex requirements we will discuss these and provide you with a tailored solution for your needs. 

This is a member offer to help businesses through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

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12 June, 2020
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31 October, 2020

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