Legal advice for businesses affected by COVID-19/Coronavirus

As a multi-service law firm, Blaser Mills Law advises senior business people in nearly all sectors that the UK operates and speak to those individuals on a regular basis. Therefore, we believe that we are duty-bound to ensure businesses are regularly being fed the information and advice they need to make strong business decisions in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to producing regular Coronavirus articles, updates and FAQs via our website, newsletters and social media, our lawyers are offering free of charge video/telephone calls if you would like to discuss a Coronavirus-impacted business such as:

  • Furloughing workers and lay-offs
  • Employees rights working from home
  • Staffing issues, including sick pay and redundancy
  • Fulfilment of business contracts
  • Force majeure
  • Cash preservation and collection   
  • Commercial property rent and lease matters
  • What to do if you can’t afford to pay your rent

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23 March, 2020
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31 December, 2020

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