The Growth Programme has a proven track record of helping organisations become more resilient, more prosperous, and more innovative.

We joined BBF back in 2021 and I have to say it’s been one of the best decisions we made! The increased knowledge and confidence within our staff and the change in some of our best practices have been invaluable.

Steve McWhirter, Foam Engineers Ltd.

Having dropped 60% in turnover immediately after the first lockdown, our business is now back to pre-Covid levels in turnover, and just had our best month ever. The Growth Advice Service has helped us to achieve these results.

Karl Macrow, KamTech High Street Garage

The information and advice gathered from this programme and the ability to share with other business owners is priceless.

Pany Yianni, Yianni Motors Ltd

Russell and the BBF team have been a pillar of support throughout Optec Group’s first year trading.

Rob Armitage, Optec Group Ltd

The Growth Advice Service has helped me to formulate the business plan and crystalise my ideas as to how to grow the business and move forward positively.

Amanda Carthy, QueenMee

Key Growth Stats

  • Over the last 6 years, more than 600 businesses have benefited from Growth Programme support
  • Over 200 new full-time jobs have been created by the businesses supported – an added boost of £5 million to the local economy   
  • 73% of participants increased their turnover 
  • 44% of participants improved their productivity 
  • 63% have improved their profitability
  • 98% actioned growing their business
  • 60 new innovations were developed – despite the pandemic.   
  • Beneficiaries have forecast a combined increase in turnover of £103 million and in GVA growth of £36 million
The Growth Advice Service has taught me how to look at my business as a business owner instead of simply working in the business. All in all, the Growth Advice Service has been extremely useful and motivating and I feel more confident in moving my business forward.

Rebecca Marsala, Rebecca Marsala Flowers

This was just excellent, lots of tools added to our armoury to improve how we plan and measure our progress from so many different perspectives. This is the best course I've been on with BBF - thank you!!

Nigel Nerurkar, Fused4

The Growth Advice Service has been extremely helpful for me to grow my business and navigate difficult tasks or roadblocks.

Luke Merrilees, Niclen UK

The Growth Advice Service helped us get investor ready. The adviser made an introduction to a venture capital firm that led towards an offer that is in an advanced stage of sign off.

Steven Frost, Workbuzz

It has provided me with a framework to assess the areas to focus on for growth and provided me access to the professionals with experience and knowledge required to make informed decisions on business direction.

Cath Friend, Emerald Frames & Gallery

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