bacs payments

Ref virus. most doorstep delivery payments now switched to bacs rather than cash.

Averagepayment is small e.g. £10.  What do banks charge (if indeed they do ) for bacs payments at this unusual time


Hi, you will need to check your bank statement to identify charges for BACS payments into business accounts. It may be worth looking at new contactless methods. Then you can compare costs and ease of use. BACS for small transactions is not easy for customers, and not immediate. Contactless is immediate. One such system is izettle - others are available.

It depends on your bank and which tariff your business is on. For example HSBC Small Business Tariff would charge your business 19p per transaction, whereas if your business was on the HSBC Electronic Banking Tariff it would be fee-free. I'd concur with Ian that for small payments BACS isn't as convenient for users as other payment methods though. You didn't describe the relationship you have with customers but if they are regulars consider signing them up for Direct Debits or subscriptions - otherwise would pre-payment work for you? If so then debit card via website (fees apply), PayPal (fees apply) or for a commission free solution mobile payment using Paym would all avoid customers having to open their front door...

I set up an ecommerce site for a Bucks business during the lockdown period and I noticed credit card companies are not turning round new accounts quite as fast as normal.

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