Can you offer a competitive nationwide delivery account?


I am looking to set up a business account for nationwide deliveries of e-commerce sales (B2C).

Is anyone able to offer competitive rates for start-ups or recommend someone who can? If so, please get in touch!

Thank you


Hi Suzanne
A local delivery firm may charge to deliver to local customers for a lower fee than distant customers. You may have settled on a courier's price list by now and would like your ecommerce checkout to calculate delivery based on postcode. If you need help setting this up please let me know as it is something I can do.
- Robert

Thank you Robert, I’m not quite at that stage yet but will certainly bear that in mind!

Thank you!


You may also find it beneficial to have a look through our Membership Directory -

There are a number of local couriers that may be able to provide the service you are looking for, just search 'courier' in the Membership Directory search bar.

Many thanks

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