How do l access the Advisa training grants?

How do l access the Advisa training Grants, please?

Could you share details on process and available courses, please?




James, thanks for your question, I am sure others would welcome the answer..

The £150 training grant is accessed via your Buckinghamshire Business First on-line account.

You need to Log In, go to My Account, and on the left tab scroll down to Virtual Adviser. Please add Buckinghamshire Business First as the source of knowledge about this grant.

There are some eligibility questions. You need to be trading or based in Buckinghamshire, have a Limited Company or be self employed with a Tax Reference Code (UTR), be a Small / Medium Company (Under 250 employees and lower than £47m T/O) and not have had more than 200k euros of state aid.

Then there are some questions regarding your or your companies skills and finally some financial information. (This is nice to have but will accept zero, although this remains only in our system).

This takes just over 5 minutes.

Following that you will receive a skills report and a partner of ours at ADVIZA will call to discuss your training requirements and offer a number of options. If you have something in mind already, as long as they are a legitimate training company, you can use them.

Once you have had your training, it is worth noting that we have ongoing workshops, these are free. Please see our Events page, that can add to your skills and add more contacts to your network.

If you have any questions please give me a call on 01494 927 144.

Best wishes

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