How to promote our business in London

We are looking for the most effective way to market our country boutique stay Bed and Breakfast in the Chilterns to the London market?  We don’t have a big budget, in fact it’s very small! So all tips greatly received! We not only offer B&B but experiences too eg cycling tours, brewery tours etc.


Hi Nicky!

I would love to speak to you further as I think we might be able to help you with this! Take a look at our website where we help to promote local tourism businesses like yours to a wider audience.

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Marketing a site like this doesn't need to cost a lot -
I sold this place about 4 years ago and still work with the owner. -

1. Used a professional photographer for site images
2. ID your market - business and leisure
3. ID your associated keywords and phrases based on your market above
4. Optimise your pages 1 url for 1 page
5. Submit to Google and Bing

Then ID possible links back to your website using the correct anchor text - start link building.

You could also try listing on Airbnb - this works for some businesses.

Review your Google my Business Listing

Hope this helps

Thank you James

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