Hello BBF

I am in the process of starting a production company  as have been approached by a Television company to go into partnership with them to creat content for there station. I’m just wondering if there’s any support I can get like a business mentor?  


Hi Daniel,

We have a Mentoring Programme that aims to connect businesses with experienced mentors that can help them develop their skills and performance.

The mentors are experienced in sectors ranging from technology and space to retail and manufacturing.

We will work to pair you with a mentor that has experienced and overcome similar challenges to you. We will aim to find someone from the same sector and geography as required.

When a suitable mentor has been identified, we will provide you with their details, requesting that you arrange a meeting with them within a month in order to begin your journey with them.

If you would like to apply, do please email me at or call me on 01494 927139.

Morning Daniel - I have just seen your question regarding the need for a business mentor. I am a Business Coach and offer many programms to suit individual needs from 1-1 to group coaching, from creating 90 business plans to book clubs. I also run free webinars on a variety of business topics all of which are on my website. The next group meeting I'm running is GrowthCLUB in Aylesbury on 15 October, which is a full day dedicated to creating your own 90 day business plan.

I would love to have a no obligation chat with you to see what your needs are and how/if I can help you. Here is a link to my diary along with my website address:
Diary Link:

I look forward to hearing from and if you have any questions please don't hesiate to contact me:

Regards - Justin

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