Understanding and Adopting Digital Technology

Specialist advice to help SMEs understand the benefits of different kinds of digital technology.

Adopting digital technology has never been more important for businesses, however, the range of software, tools and systems available can be overwhelming.

Our new business support service helps SMEs understand the different technologies available to them, and all of their associated benefits, so that they can make an informed decision about the right digital technology to adopt in their business.

The support comprises 1:1 advice from a specialist Digital Business Adviser who will highlight and guide businesses through the many detailed support programmes available from a wide network of providers.

For further information, read the details below. You can also contact Ian Murphy, Digital Business Adviser at ian.murphy@bbf.uk.com or on 01494 927161.

What does digital technology mean to businesses?

Digital technology can mean different things and deliver different benefits depending on the nature of a business.

For many SMEs, it may be about digital marketing and e-commerce, which represents a quick and efficient way to attract new customers and grow sales.

However, it can also involve software solutions across the entire business, including for:

  • customer relationship management
  • enterprise resource planning
  • digital accounting
  • project management
  • human resources
  • collaboration and supply chain management
  • cyber security

All of the above can drive increased efficiency and productivity, as well as greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Smart, immersive and remote technology

Businesses can also benefit from adopting more advanced and complex technology-led innovations, such as:

  • smart manufacturing using connected machines, real time data, cyber physical systems and AI
  • satellite guided machinery and smart spreading in agriculture
  • interactive, immersive content in entertainment and visitor attractions
  • drone inspections and remote monitoring in construction

Businesses want to adopt digital tech – but many want to learn more 

In a recent Buckinghamshire Business First survey, 74% of respondents said that they believed digital technologies would assist and improve their business services, however, only 40% said they were ready and prepared to adopt these new technologies.

The main barriers to adoption were lack of awareness of technologies and their benefits, lack of digital skills within the business, and a lack of funding to adopt new technologies.

Get the information you need to make an informed decision

With the help of our advice service, you can discover:

  • how technology can help to solve your business problems
  • the different benefits of specific technologies that are available
  • opportunities for online learning and 1:1 mentoring
  • funding to support networking, collaborations and product innovation and testing facilities
  • the most suitable digital solution for your business

Access support now to understand and adopt digital technology

For further information, please contact Ian Murphy, Digital Business Adviser at ian.murphy@bbf.uk.com or on 01494 927161.