Using apprenticeships to train and develop existing staff

Apprenticeships are beneficial for both the candidate and your organisation. Small businesses in the UK are investing time in training apprentices in relevant technical skills that will add value to their organisation.

You can use apprenticeships to train existing staff

Did you know that you can also put existing staff through an apprenticeship? A higher-level apprenticeship requires more previous on the job experience.  You can help an employee achieve chartered status as part of a subsidised apprenticeship, for example, a Management training qualification.

Management training and soft skills development

You can create an environment of learning where existing staff can also develop their own soft skills supporting a new apprentice. Do you have employees who need some hands-on experience with managing others? By giving them the responsibility of managing an apprentice you can guide them through the experience of managing an individual and train them on the go.

Introduce new technologies and ways of working to existing team members

In addition, apprentices can bring a different set of skills to the organisation and could be tasked with introducing new technologies to existing staff members and showing them how to apply them in a work setting. This in turn will make the apprentice experience much more collaborative and beneficial for both parties.