Making the most of membership

Whether it’s benefiting from a referral to UKTI, making great business connections at our events, or getting the stamp of approval of winning a Buckinghamshire Business Award, the team at JUNE Medical are making the most of their membership.

JUNE Medical is dedicated to women’s health, providing health care professionals with high quality surgical implants for treating prolapse and incontinence.


The story begins at the 2015 Buckinghamshire Business Awards, where JUNE Medical picked up the award for New Business of the Year. While networking during the award ceremony, Managing Director Angela Spang mentioned to Buckinghamshire Business First Managing Director Philippa Batting that she was in need of advice on exporting and was put in touch with UKTI.

Angela takes up the story:

“When I spoke to Philippa she immediately knew who to put me in touch with. That person was Laurie Spicer at UKTI, who has become our Trade Adviser.

“Now we have been selected as a Passport to Export company by UKTI and are receiving the most fantastic support from them.

“I just came back from Medical (the world’s largest healthcare trade congress) where I had meetings with trade advisers from Germany to Brazil, as well as meetings with distribution partners at UKTI’s own pavilion at Medical.”

New business connection

The connections JUNE Medical made at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards didn’t end there.

“We met Medical Supermarket at the awards. They helped us to do a charity shipment to refugees in Kos, as we don’t have enough pallet space. We are now in discussions that could see them take over some of our stock-keeping.”

“None of this – the UKTI success or making a new business connection – would have happened without the support of Buckinghamshire Business First,” says Angela.

Buckinghamshire Business Awards

And what about winning New Business of the Year at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards?

“Winning an award has such a big impact on a new small business like ours,” says Angela. “It was a huge stamp of approval for the whole team. For new partners we come with a very visible sign of achievement. For customers it is reassuring to see that we have been recognised as a leading business.

“It was such an honour to win. I look at the pictures from that night every day when I walk into the office. Our award has a very prominent place!”