New legal firm gets attention as investment pays off

When Andrew Giles, CEO of Law Kiosk, a solicitor’s practice based in High Wycombe, became a Partner investor of Buckinghamshire Business First, he could only have dreamt of the positive impact it would bring.

“I joined Buckinghamshire Business First for two reasons,” says Andrew. “Firstly, I wanted to be part of an exciting community of local business leaders and entrepreneurs, and secondly, I wanted to get exposure for my new legal practice, which I opened in 2015.”

As all entrepreneurs know, getting a business up and running produces many challenges, but Andrew found solace in what Buckinghamshire Business First could offer him. “It’s incredibly challenging starting a new business from scratch, especially in the legal profession where a lot of my rivals have been around for decades. My biggest challenge is marketing and getting the message out there, and Buckinghamshire Business First really helps me achieve this.”

"A great way to give my business more publicity"

By investing in Buckinghamshire Business First and becoming a Partner, Andrew had access to a range of benefits that he quickly set about utilising. “I was able to host my own workshop for my fellow Buckinghamshire Business First members, which was a great way to give my business more publicity and to help me develop my own skills. What made life much easier was the support Buckinghamshire Business First gave me - including marketing the event, hosting it and tech support on the day. Not having to worry about those aspects meant I could focus entirely on the content and delivery.”

The Law Kiosk business profile is easier to spot than most on the Buckinghamshire Business First member directory as a result of Andrew’s investment. Investors get priority in the search results, something Andrew does not underestimate. “One of the reasons I invested as a Partner was to get my business profile promoted in the searchable directory, increasing my exposure. Being a brand new business, no-one knows I’m out there yet, so I need to get the message to as many people as possible that I’m open for business and ready to help.

"It's nice to know that there's a support network out there"

“I see Buckinghamshire Business First as a kind of club, where people help each other and use each other’s services. It can be a lonely experience as a sole trader - it’s nice to know that there’s a support network out there, and similar people who are going through the struggles of launching their own business and trying to succeed as entrepreneurs.”