Taking time out from the business creates accelerated growth

Born out of a management buy-out from Bosch Telecom, ANT Telecom is a specialist in providing mobile communications and lone-worker solutions to suit individual business needs.

Thanks to support from Buckinghamshire Business First’s Growth Advice programme, ANT has changed its approach to its workforce, customers, markets and technologies to keep a step ahead.

Based in Bourne End in Buckinghamshire, they work with UK customers across many industries, offering handsets and smart phone applications to improve their efficiency and protect and monitor employees whilst they work, travel or meet with clients alone or in very remote locations such as wind farms. In some instances, this literally saves lives.

“One of our biggest challenges as a business, coming out from a large corporate, was for us to quickly adapt to being an agile independent systems integrator. We needed to change our approach to existing and new customers, new markets and new technologies,” explained Managing Director, Klaus Allion. “Technology and customer requirements change fast and it’s a real challenge to spot the opportunities, respond and develop the business.

“Engaging with Buckinghamshire Business First’s Growth Advice programme has really helped us to re-focus our strategy and make our agility and workforce our key strengths. We are now clear on the key areas where we have the best opportunity to help our customers to overcome their challenges. We’ve also changed the way we recruit and engage with our staff to drive growth; prioritising soft skills like curiosity and engagement and recruiting more young people as apprentices which helps us to keep a step ahead."

Klaus attributes most value to the opportunities he has had via the peer-to-peer sessions to take a step back, learn and exchange ideas alongside other MDs facing similar challenges. “As a leader and business owner, the growth and finance masterclasses and peer-to-peer support have been essential for my business. Our sales have increased by 20%, I have a new appreciation as to how to create long-term business value, and we have fully engaged and motivated staff. The wealth of experience you have access to gives you confidence that the ideas you’re going to implement will work and I’m 100% certain that I’ve improved as a leader.”

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