Business Booster Workshop

Business Booster Workshop

About this Event

It's for people like you: Owner Managed businesses who want more leads, more sales, and more time to do the important things.

Your business will have a turnover of between £0.5M and £5M, with 5 or more staff, and you will have a keen desire to grow the business now.

What does it comprise?

This is a 1-day interactive practical workshop that will focus on Lead Generation, Sales Effectiveness and Business Improvements that you can take away and use the following day. 

A buffet lunch, refreshments & workbooks will be provided.

Lead Generation 

1. Find your potential customers – Determine where to go fishing!

• Online – e.g. Google/Facebook/Linkedin etc. 

• Offline – e.g. Word of Mouth, Customer Referrals, Physical Media. 

2. How do you get more of them? – Buy more? Convert more? 

• Spend more? 

• Improve the bait and process? 

3. Not all want to buy now – Nurture them. – Marketing Automation. 

• For long enquiry-to-purchase times maintain contact. 

• Consider using Marketing Automation. 

Measure each channel to maximise Lead Generation efficiency & minimise Cost per Lead.

Improve Your Sales Effectiveness

1. Create an Effective Sales Process

• Most businesses do not have a Sales Process that maximises the sales effort and maximises sales 

2. Effective Qualification is Vital 

• Ensuring you are focusing on the right opportunities or accounts 

Increase your win rate – increase your revenues 

3. Improve Your Key Selling Skills 

• Understanding and Developing some of the key selling skills 

Be more effective in front of customers, improve these 3 areas and you could see sales increase by over 50%

Work less hard and achieve more

1. Set your Goals with a 3 or 5yr plan

• Many owners are perpetually busy and don’t have time to create and implement a strategic plan 

2. Double the motivation and productivity of your staff 

• Successfully delegate even when you know no-one can do it as well as you 

• Get your team asking for work and responsibility without increasing pay 

3. What secrets are your numbers hiding from you? 

• Your Accounts are brimming with useful intelligence. Learn how to see the picture being painted, if only it was visible to you.

Benefits of attending:

Each specialist presenter will be highlighting 3 actions you can take for Business Growth, Lead Generation and Sales Improvement. Each will be focused on the end goal of increasing profitability from tomorrow.

In addition, there will be a revenue boosting bonus action. 

Who are the presenters?

Graham Perkins

 Andrew Merrifield

Charles McClelland



7 November, 2019 - 7 November, 2019
9:00am - 4:30pm
Registration from 09.00 am
From £145.00
Missenden Abbey Conference Centre, London Road , Great Missenden, BUCKS, HP16 0BD
Gainline Sales Skills

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