Women's Leadership Experience (WLX)

Women's Leadership Experience (WLX)

At a time when organisations are striving for diversity and gender parity, female leaders who are confident and can thrive in the workplace are desperately needed.

Interesting content, women from the same backgrounds, with the same experiences and being treated as though they are all on the same journey, is definitely what NOT to do.

At Unthink, we proudly do things differently! We know that Female Leaders need a space to reflect and build confidence, that listening to other women's stories, can help them make sense of their own and that our World Class speakers, such as Candice Mama, Vogue's most Inspirational Woman, will inspire them to have courage to smash their career goals and help organisations achieve their equality and leadership targets. 

What will you experience? 

  •  Diversity of perspectives, experiences and conversation with female leaders from different backgrounds i.e. Business, Olympians, Entrepreneurs, Charities
  •  New perspectives, world-class thinking and learning experts to optimise performance
  •  Awareness of your superpowers & growth areas
  •  Understanding how to flip imposter syndrome into a superpower
  •  Self-reflection, unthink mindset and skills to tackle leadership challenges
  •  A heightened sense of belief, capability and courage to drive your growth
  •  Being part of a strong cross-company, cross-experiences, peer network
  • Support and challenge from participants in a 'hot topic' session - where you get to bring a real-time challenge
  • See attached for what is included in this bi-annual virtual experience. 

3x Virtual Sessions - 2pm-5pm

April 25th 

May 2nd


3 x Group Coaching

You will have a dedicated Unthink coach in groups of 5 to guide you through our bespoke learning bursts.

Learning bursts that will help you self reflect, build confidence, belief & understand your super-strengths.

1x Unlocking Task

You will receive the first Unlocking Task closer to the start of the programme.

Complete the Unlocking Task before the first session to better understand how to prioritise your time & focus on the things that matter.

1x Certification

You will receive a certificate (attend 2 out of the 3 sessions as a minimum) that can be printed or shared instantly on LinkedIn.

Leadership Diagnostic

The Unthink Leadership diagnostic (once completed) will provide you with a report that shares where you are at (superstrengths and growth areas) on behaviours of successful future female leaders .

1x1 Results Coaching Call

Each participant will have a short 1x1 onboarding call

Understand what success looks like for that individual

Drive individual career outcomes and goals Keen to hear more? Message owen@weunthink.com to explore availability. 


25 April, 2024 - 9 May, 2024
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Virtual experience.
From £660.00
Virtual , Stokenchurch, High Wycombe, Oxfordshire, HP14 3HW
Unthink Ltd