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24x7 Buckinghamshire Ltd is a leading provider of specialist education transport for children.

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A bit about us

Our company mission is to offer, a safe and efficient service that is reliable and flexible. A service that schools and clients can rely on. We are achieving this by providing a fleet of modern, energy efficient vehicles and employing a team of hand-picked dedicated staff who are confident, competent, well trained and who are working in the environment of their choice. We will deliver a first class service ensuring that the clients arrive in a safe, well controlled and happy environment, giving them the best possible opportunity to start and end the day on a positive note.

We understand that the needs of the travelling students are individual and special and each and every one of the students’ needs are continually assessed. For each school to which we transport we appoint a dedicated contract manager who will hold in-depth talks with the school whenever necessary to ensure that those needs and the needs of the school are addressed.

Drivers and escorts are allocated a route on a permanent basis and meet with students and parents/carers prior to the start of the term so they can get to know them and work out how best to resolve any potential issues. This all helps with a smooth transition. At the same time we ensure that our staff are comfortable with the time schedule, and that any client issues and staff training needs are catered for. In addition the contract manager will speak to every parent/carer as a follow up to the driver and escorts meeting. Additional drivers and escorts are employed during the early stages of a contract to ensure smooth running and that alterations can be made swiftly if necessary.

24x7 Buckinghamshire Ltd is dedicated to serving the school community, offering efficient modern transport solutions that are second to none. We will provide a service that the school community can be proud of.

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