Animal Antiks

Animal Antiks uses animal assisted learning to help children and young adults achieve their potential.

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A bit about us

Animal Antiks provides the opportunity for children and young people with special needs, mental health, emotional and/or behavioural disabilities to achieve and grow.

 Our approach has been called unique and revolutionary, focusing on raising esteem and confidence, improving life, social and functional skills, we use our range of animals and our own experience and expertise to achieve this.  

We believe in installing not only confidence in our young people, but also providing the opportunity for resilience, risk-taking, problem solving, team-work and independence.

In 2017 we gained charitable status and moved to a new farm in North Marston.  Having now got settled in our new premises and have started to make further improvement and expand what we can offer.

  • Animal Antiks
  • Manor Farm St. Johns Lane NORTH MARSTON Buckinghamshire MK18 3PU


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