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Are you a rural business? We speak your language. Specialist marketing advice based on first-hand and practical experience.

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A bit about us

Are you a rural business? We speak your language. Specialist advice based on first-hand & practical experience of launching and growing diversified rural businesses in Bucks.

  • We'll show you how to market your business without bamboozling you with technical jargon.
  • Countryside Marketing offers friendly, cost-effective marketing for rural businesses
  • Practical & down-to-earth advice and training in digital skills. Focused on marketing for small businesses and diversified farm enterprises.
  • Bring your idea alive and grow it, without spending a fortune on websites, mailshots or social media. Learn from us step-by-step, then do it yourself.    
  • You probably don’t have a marketing budget, but that shouldn’t stop you reaching thousands of prospective customers. We've done it. Now you can too.
  • We’ll listen, advise and show you how, and then provide ongoing advice as you grow.

Call us for an initial (and free of charge) up to 30 minute chat.

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