Jennie Bolt

Jennie Bolt

Jennie Bolt is a qualified coach, facilitator and educator specialising in mental wellbeing.

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A Wellbeing Educator facilitating 1-1’s taking you from Anxious to Amazing and your problems to possibilities.

In one hour or so I can remove all the blocks and everything you’ve always wanted to tweak to remove all the stresses anxieties and overwhelm to create and generate . 

I am working with people who are looking for ways to adapt and jump tracks from the current disruptive situations without the issues of stress anxiety and pressures that are being piled on to us. 

Working in both 1-1 and groups, this class is a pragmatic strategic de-stress for the workplace. Simple tools and techniques are introduced to zap the bugs of all this and allowing clear ways forward to generate smoother pathways to create a more productive working space. 

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