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KAYA, is a wellbeing platform that measures wellbeing, generates actionable insights to support employees, enhance happiness & performance.

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A bit about us

Post-Covid, the wellbeing market in the UK has experienced growth. However, the economy still bears a staggering £110 billion annual burden due to employee wellbeing issues. Alarmingly, only one-third of employees utilise company-provided support, primarily due to a lack of awareness or fear, despite promised anonymity.

Companies, on the other hand, struggle to identify individual employee well-being needs, often resorting to generic initiatives. Linking well-being to performance remains elusive, with rudimentary metrics. The abundance of well-being providers further complicates program assessment. Without data-driven insights, companies take a tactical approach to wellbeing investments, often realising the need for help when it may be too late.

The Solution: KAYA was conceived to help companies seamlessly collect employee insights, uncovering specific challenges, their performance impact, and required support. Our platform then connects employees to relevant resources and well-being providers, enhancing awareness and anonymous access, thereby optimising utilisation rates independently from managerial involvement. This empowers organisations to make informed, strategic wellbeing budget decisions, ultimately maximising employee wellbeing and performance improvements.

What Sets Us Apart: KAYA stands out due to its strong foundation in research, including my doctoral work, and successful collaborations with esteemed organizations such as British Gas, John Lewis, O2, and JLT. Over nearly two decades, I have measured wellbeing experience and assisted companies like Hilton, Volvo, EDF, and Dyson in enhancing employee performance through improved wellbeing.

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