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Management consultancy providing: Compliance - ISO Standards, Resilience - Business Continuity, Improvement - Organisational Excellence.

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A bit about us

Ley hill solutions limited is one of Europe’s most innovative consultancy organisations specialising in the tools and methods to improve the way your business works and performs. We use internationally recognised standards and frameworks such as ISO (9001, 27001, 22301 etc) and the EFQM Excellence Model to develop solutions that are right for your business.  Ley hill solutions limited has been established since August 2000 and our consultants and associates are very experienced having worked in many industries and sectors in roles such as project management, quality management and business excellence for over 20 years each. As a specialist and focused consultancy, we pride ourselves on really understanding our customer’s requirements and ensuring the delivery of workable solutions.   Specifically, our key strengths include: 
  •   Practical knowledge and application of a variety of Management Systems / Business Excellence tools and techniques. 
  •   Design and development of BCM/BCP programmes  
  •   Use of business improvement techniques to identify and recommend practical solutions to existing processes and procedures. 
  •   On-line building of process maps to assist organisations to really understand their business. 
  •   Developing and implementing training programmes to assist the improvement of operational requirements, Resilience in operations, customer excellence and satisfaction. 
  •   Mentoring and coaching leaders and staff within organisations 
  •   Transferring skills to in house staff to enable continuance without external support.  
  •   Assessment and Review of business processes and procedures.  
  •   Efficiency and Effectiveness reviews at organisational and departmental level. 
  •   Project planning and management of assessment or certification audits.  
  •   Advanced facilitation at all levels within organisations, including design & development of workshops / focus groups to ensure staff are fully aware and understand the implications of the work we are undertaking.   
 Our consultants are specialists in a wide range of management and improvement techniques including: 
  •   Integrated Management Systems Development - (ISO9001,  ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001)  
  •   Business Resilience and risk systems – (including ISO 22301) 
  •   EFQM Excellence Model – Assessments and improvement frameworks 
  •   Business Process Improvement – Process mapping - Lean Six-Sigma 
  •   Performance measurement indexes and Systems - Balanced Scorecard, Surveys 
  •   Investors in People – Employee Satisfaction measurement 
  •   Customer Service Excellence  
  •   Risk Management & Business Continuity Management 
  •   Best practice identification, Networking and benchmarking 
The organisations our consultants have worked with cover the public and private sectors and not for profit organisations. We have worked in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and the USA.   

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