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Winning work through tendering: Bid writing with 23 years’ multi-sector experience, producing compelling content and managing bids. Holger is a versatile writer who uses professional coaching skills to ask insightful questions from your ultimate client’s perspective, yielding quality information from your subject experts - and presenting your skills and experience through impactful writing. Holger brings an essential ability to convert focused conversations into winning messages, presenting them in clear, concise and convincing ways, leaving a positive impression on your readers. With a successful background in business development and engineering research, Holger combines practical proposals with technical innovation to ensure your bid stands out – within the constraints of your deadlines. 

Supporting your people through coaching: Coaching is the way Holger  helps you and your team to move faster from where you are now, in terms of your progress towards achieving particular goals, to where you want to be. Holger will help you find the encouragement and motivation to reach your goals. You will benefit from having your high-level aspirations crystallised into specific goals, which you will achieve by developing strategies and actions with Holger's support.

A lack of progress towards goals is often the result of not having asked, or been asked, the insightful questions that trigger deeper factors to generate motivation and unlock inherent capability. Working with Holger, you and your team will overcome this blocker. 


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