Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC

Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC

We transform attitudes to autism in society and develop new services, relevant to neurodivergent people.

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A bit about us

We are a non-profit helping organisations to recruit and retain neurodivergent talent. Neurodivergent people have valuable strengths and skills in innovation, creativity and problem solving, are reliable and highly productive with the right support. They add to the team skills that improve competitiveness and reduce risk.

We provide “Understanding autism and neurodiversity at work” training to the organizations, We train and support line managers via 1:1 mentoring to achieve confidence in supporting autistic employees. We provide consultancy on neuro-inclusive recruitment, promotion and business practices. Finally, we also train internal mentors to mentor autistic employees We also provide our Tool Up mentoring and peer support group for autistic employees.

A lot of existing programmes intended to help autistic people in employment are infective because they are designed based on a non-autistic functioning and fail to address key barriers in ways that works for autistic employees. Our programme is effective because it is designed by leading autistic academics with extensive input from autistic people and run by a team with extensive experience in business. We provide autism training, employee mentoring and inhouse mentor training.

15% of the workforce are estimated to be neurodivergent. 1% of people are autistic but in certain industry it is much higher. Whatever your business you are likely to come across neurodivergent employees and customers.

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"The programme content has been so great, and it really feels like an amazing space because (a) everyone understands, (b) I was *so* inspired, right from the start, by Marie & Co for setting it all up (seeing what amazing autistic individuals can do working together dispelled any feelings I was useless or broken or ineffective - we can be powerful), but ALSO by the other people in the group! NDSA has made such an amazing difference to my life in such a short time. I really mean it. The discussions are so good too - there's a real hive kind thing going on. People saying things you thought were only ever in your head."

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