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Easy way to help patient recover easily in any kind of clinical operation with counselling and rehabilitation.

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Lessons on all styles of dancing

Parisa Sports Club Ltd is a well-established sports club (Sports-Dance -Therapy)with a proven record of teaching adults of all ages and children through professional training. From ballet to jazz and hip-hop to salsa, no matter what form of dance you're interested in, we can help you. Our dance teachers are passionate about teaching dance. With over two decades of experience, our instructors have the knowledge and qualifications to offer training on all forms of dance.

Therapy classes we provide:

Post surgery class: 

  • Helps reduce the inflammation post operation
  • Helps in speedy recovery
  • Helps bring patients back to their normal life as soon as possible
  • Helps patients feel better emotionally, mentally and physically

Clinical exercise:

  • We offer a clinical exercise that helps prevent various diseases.

Rehabilitation exercise: 

  • Helps reduce any kind of injury such as low back pain and knee pain
  • We have separate classes to help reduce the pain with exercise
  • Our classes also help reduce the drug medication in patient's life
  • Helps bring exercise back to their life


FOOTBALLE CLUB; male adults football team.





Wide range of fitness classes 

Pump it up classes is a complete form of exercise that works the whole body, re-balancing muscles, building core strength and improving physical health. We offer a range of exercise classes, well-being treatments and courses in a relaxing environment. You can rely on our trainers to devise a bespoke fitness programmer   specifically to cater to your health and fitness needs. We can also guide you on what classes to attend to help achieve the body you desire and keep it that way.

Professional hip-hop dance class for all ages 

Explore your passion in different areas of street dance such as hip-hop, break dancing or house dance with our friendly and well-trained team. With over 20 years of experience and a variety of styles on offer, you're in good hands with us. Hip-hop is an extremely popular dance style renowned for its freestyle nature and our classes will help you learn the same. All our dance teachers have a huge love and passion for their job. Call us for more details.

Highly qualified teachers 

At Parisa Sports Club Ltd, we teach all types of classic dances to children and adults, catering to all requirements and skill sets. Our ballet classes are designed in such a way to boost your confidence and provide you with the platform to pursue other styles of dancing. We also offer dance classes for people above the age group 60 as well as parents and children. For more information, contact us today.

Qualified sports trainers

At Parisa Sports Club Ltd, we can train children and adults on a range of sports and cater to all requirements and skill sets. Our sports classes are designed in such a way that you will see a boost in your confidence and it will provide you with the platform to pursue the sport that you aspire for. For more information on our services, contact our team today.

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