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Developing connected communities with regenerative tourism, agro-ecology, creative technologies and mindful nature retreats.

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A bit about us

Pitchcott Hill Farm offers a serene environment that prioritises the regeneration of both people and nature.  The farm offers a mix of accommodation and experiences in natural surroundings where the health and wellbeing of both people and planet are prioritised. From farm stays in the farmhouse to camping in the wild meadow, the common theme throughout is care and connection for ourselves, each other and nature.

The farm provides an ideal location for groups of friends or families looking for a restful and restorative weekend in the Buckinghamshire countryside, or for company offsite teams looking for new and​/​or broader perspectives on their work.

Pitchcott Hill Farms Ltd was originally set up in 1962 as one of the earliest proponents of sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming, which aims to regenerate the health and vitality of soils and the environment, as well as the health and wholeness of communities.  

Honouring this heritage of environmental protection, the company is now diversifying its farm near Aylesbury and harnessing knowledge from nature to create a community that is regenerative and connected. Victorian stable buildings around a central courtyard will be converted into a café / farm shop, community workspaces and short stay accommodation. The buildings will be restored by re- using their original materials while incorporating renewable energy and utilities.

The farm aims to become a destination for creativity, biodiversity, wildlife, permaculture, agro-ecology, technology, mindfulness, green social subscribing and the interconnection of ecological and human health.

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