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BOOST delivers training of soft skills to all year groups and cohorts from young adults at school / college to those already at work.

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BOOST Life Skills are passionate about supporting people that want to develop themselves - how can we support you?

We work with business to identify skills gaps in your business and up-skill your workforce, helping you achieve your goals for higher productivity, quality and growth. Our approach adds value by helping you manage your workforce and achieve maximum return.

Businesses will recognise our vision and these soft skills in an instant. They are the lifeblood of a successful business and without the right blend of soft skills from the business leaders through to the most junior assistants and apprentices, a business will not be 100% effective and may even fail.

The interview process can often focus on the academic achievements that an individual has with less focus on soft skills and whether an individual will “fit” into the team and workplace. This is only established as the individual spends more time in their workplace alongside their new colleagues and shortfalls in their soft skills become apparent. This is to be expected though, as no one is the finished article and every business works and behaves very differently. 

Whilst we initially established BOOST to train students at school or college about the importance of soft skills and to enable them to progress on life’s journey, all this learning is equally applicable to people already in the workplace. 

“Soft Skills Basic” covers the everyday skills that most people require as they mature through their experiences at home, in education and in the workplace. The “Soft Skills Advanced” focuses more on some of the skills required in a workplace specifically because it leans towards having some form of responsibility in a junior management role where empathy, critical thinking, project management, decision making and the like are required. These skills are also built up over time based on our experiences, but of course can also be trained. 

As we always say at BOOST, we provide the framework for you to choose what you want your business staff to be trained on - we can easily build courses or carousels which combine any number of soft skills and for any duration – we are completely flexible around your requirements. 

The training is innovative, interesting, interactive and engaging. BOOST have +30 soft skills that are available for training. There are case studies and testimonials on the website as well as simple diagrams showing the courses, carousels and skills that we train; these can be tailored into any package you require and are delivered by a national network of experienced educational trainers that have also worked in a business environment, so they really know what they’re talking about.

The attendees each receive a high quality workbook that they use in the session and keep for future reference, having written their own action plan. They also each receive a “BOOST my Skills - Record of Achievement and Learning Log” for each soft skill which can either be maintained by the student individually or stored on a share-point site and built upon over time. 

BOOST have very little overheads, therefore our cost base is very low - I know that cost is a limiting factor, please tell me roughly what you'd like delivered, for how many attendees, and I will provide you some costed options. 

Take a look at the BOOST Life Skills website or give us a call to make an enquiry – we look forward to hearing from you. 

More about BOOST...

BOOST Life Skills will better prepare and equip our course attendees for the future by providing soft skills training which allow young adults or those in the workplace to better understand how to optimise their potential across: social interaction, sport, interview preparation, entrance and key exams, work experience and placement, part-time and full-time work.

Academic studying allows you to develop hard skills, the specific technical skills you need to do your job effectively. While these are the achievements you’ll list on your CV, today’s employers seek more than this with more importance being placed on life and soft skills – personal attributes that enable you to interact well with other people. 

In most jobs, technical skills alone are not enough to be effective! For example, a salesperson with an unrivaled knowledge of their product and market will have little success if they don’t have the interpersonal skills needed to close deals and retain clients, or a business manager needs to be able to listen to employees, have good speaking skills, and be able to think creatively. All careers require at least some life and soft skills to make the hard skills valuable.  It’s not just “what” you can do, it’s also “how” you do it that's important.

Soft skills are more challenging to develop, since they have little to do with knowledge or expertise, but are closely linked with a person’s character. It takes conscious effort, ongoing practice, and a commitment to self-development to improve your soft skills.  

Hard skills may look impressive on your CV, but the soft skills are what will set you apart from the many candidates who have similar expertise to you.  These skills make anyone more confident, more employable and better prepared for work experience, apprenticeships, the work place or further education.

The development of soft skills provides a student with a different balance and it is arguable that they are then more able to create coping strategies when dealing with the stress and pressures of key exams and the work environment, leading to improved well-being and mental health.

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