Sales: Untangled®

Sales: Untangled®

Helping make sales growth simple. Excite customers, build a great team and deliver predictable sales results. Proud to be B Corp certified.

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Sales: Untangled® helps organisations simplify Sales success:

We’re consultants, trainers & sales directors. That unique combination enables us to take a rounded view of your sales capability, helping you determine where to start.


You always know if you're not happy with sales because there’s always “the number”. But it's much more difficult to figure out  the root cause of under-performance. 

Maybe the quality of leads coming into the Sales team isn’t strong enough, or perhaps you’re not engaging with the right decision makers in your customers. 

Perhaps it’s a team problem and you’ve not got the right quality of people, the motivational leadership or the consistency of sales skills. Maybe your “sales culture” doesn’t extend beyond the boardroom.

Or maybe it’s the nuts and bolts of the sales environment, with prospects not converted frequently enough or discounts given away too readily. Perhaps what looks like a well-qualified lead is actually a waste of everyone's time and your money.  

Suddenly your diagnosis looks tangled.

With over 60 years' experience in Sales we've tackled most customer challenges and love helping businesses build great customer relationships that drive growth.

We're always happy to chat so get in touch either via BBF, LinkedIn or our website, 

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Lynne Kennedy


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