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Leading conversational AI agency specialising in creating chatbots and voice assistants for a number of industry verticals.

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A bit about us

Creating conversational AI projects to make your processes, products or services better. 

  • Chatbots
  • Voice Assistants
  • Conversational IVR

The Bot Forge chatbot agency team work closely with their clients to evaluate where a conversational AI can achieve maximum benefit for them. Whether it be automating processes, improving marketing reach or streamlining customer experience.

We specialise in creating conversational AI. We are Google technology partners.

Our team is made up of Software Engineers, Natural language understanding experts, AI specialists, conversational architects, project managers, and interaction designers. 

The Bot Forge Team are here to walk you through your custom AI chatbot or voice assistant project process: Planning, Delivery, Training, Support.

Supported channels

We support a wide variety of channels on which conversations can take place. From basic web-based chat to smart IVR systems.

  • Web Widget
  • Progressive Web App
  • Whatsapp
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Telephony
  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa
  • Twilio Voice
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Hangouts Chat
  • REST API    

Software as a service

All the conversational projects we deliver are built upon a solid platform and managed by The Bot Forge team so that your organisation and your users can benefit from the technology without the headaches.

All of our customers have access to our advanced chatbot analytics platform: so you can view the most important metrics to understand how your chatbot is being used.

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  • 8 School Lane Waddesdon AYLESBURY Buckinghamshire HP18 0LA


The CIPS Professional Services Group (Procurement) approached The Bot Forge regarding consultancy and the creation of a demonstration Chatbot to support a conference presentation regarding industry 4.0 Technology. This was shown in front of ~100 Procurement professionals on December 2018 at Clifford Chance (London).

The Demonstration Chatbot built by Adrian at The BotForge was brilliant and we received really good feedback on the idea and execution. We wanted to use the chatbot to example how common corporate questions such as: “How Do I raise an Invoice”, “Which Meeting Rooms are free”, “What is (colleagues name) telephone number” can be made more efficient through chatbot examples. The Bot Forge perfectly met our requirements.

The team at Botforge will do everything they can to ensure your project is a success at the right price to suit budget! Would fully recommend!

  • Jack
  • Clifford
  • Clifford Chance
  • Unspecified

Introduce your business and what you do there.

Help for Heroes is a UK-based charity that helps injured and sick veterans and their families. We offer full recovery, from physiotherapy to psychological support. We also have a recovery college.

I’m in charge of digital marketing for the organizations. Anything to do with social media, the site and online acquisitions falls under my remit.

What challenge were you trying to address with The Bot Forge?

Because of the lockdown in 2020, a lot of the face-to-face activities we were doing with veterans had to stop. More and more of them were coming to our site, and we had a challenge with navigation.

We wanted the ability to direct people in a quick, effective, and easy manner.

The other challenge we had was with our supporter care team. They were getting quite a lot of phone calls, asking questions about the site. We wanted to free up their time by making the site content a bit more accessible.

After a bit of analysis and research, we came to the idea that a site bot was what we needed. We spoke to quite a few suppliers and eventually chose The Bot Forge.

What was the scope of their involvement?

The Bot Forge scoped, designed, and built a bot for us. They also helped with the scripting. They gave us example scripts explaining how it all worked, and they proofed the scripts we provided, making sure we were going down the right routes and weren’t wasting time.

The site is built on Umbraco. The Bot Forge provided us with a bit of code for the bot, which our developers added to the site.

What is the team composition?

We’ve only worked with Adrian (Director).

How did you come to work with The Bot Forge?

We looked at 6–7 bot providers, and I spoke to a few people responsible for digital at charities using bots.

I came up with a shortlist, looked at all their sites, and The Bot Forge seemed to be what we wanted. They’d worked with other charities and kept things really simple. I had calls with 3-4 providers, and Adrian made everything seem simple and pain-free.

How much have you invested with them?

We’ve spent under £5,000 (approximately $6,000 USD) so far.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with The Bot Forge in June or July 2020, and they’re providing ongoing services.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

I’m really pleased with the bot and services we’re getting from The Bot Forge. Since we started working with Adrian, he completely lived up to his promises. The end-to-end process has been very slick.

On average, we’re having 15-18 people per day engaging with the bot. This isn’t just opening it up, but actually typing a question or pressing a button for one of the preset ones. We’re really pleased with how it’s going.

I’ve spoken to Adrian last Monday about the bot and a couple of other potential projects.

How did The Bot Forge perform from a project management standpoint?

Adrian was fantastic in explaining and managing the work. We’ve used Google Docs to collaborate, but this was a straightforward project.

There was no need for Asana or other big project management tools. We’d have probably spent more time loading things into something like that than actually getting them done.

That’s what I liked about The Bot Forge: there was no fluff in the cost, timeline, or anything else. The time we paid for went into actually building the bot, and it’s going into improving it on an ongoing basis, rather than into account or project management on their side.

What did you find most impressive about them?

The team was very straightforward to deal with. It was very much about them looking at how they could deliver in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount of investment required.

The Bot Forge understood our pain as a charity with a small team, and they took away a lot of the mystery and fluff from the process.

Are there any areas they could improve?

I don’t think so. They were very good, and we’re still working with them.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

I’d tell them to speak to The Bot Forge about the challenge rather than going in with a set of preconceived ideas. They’ll come back with a bespoke solution.

  • Jamie
  • Walker
  • Help For Heroes
  • 19 February, 2021

The Bot Forge offered a great service to us for the Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge, that was really helpful for our customers and customer service team alike! They created a Facebook Chatbot based on the FAQs on the event website, which developed over time as more questions came up. Not only did this take some weight off our team and enhance customer experience, it has also allowed us to better understand what information our riders are seeking, so that we can better answer their questions proactively through the website and social media. Adrian is always available at the drop of a hat, and eager to provide helpful solutions and developments.

  • Katie Paterson
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Human Race Events & the Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge
  • Unspecified

I’m the managing director of Stitch AI, a startup that provides a number of digital engagement solutions. Essentially, we provide AI bots and messaging solutions to our clients.

We needed a partner to develop a web portal to allow us to sell multiple chatbots to our end clients. Our bot is based around linking calendar availability of team members to a bot, enabling quick website inquiry-lead allocation.

The Bot Forge has worked on one main project—a platform to manage the chatbots for our customers. In the portal, we can set up a client’s chatbots, using a template that The Bot Forge created. The portal allows us to roll out similar bots for multiple clients without having to create them on an individual basis.

They’re responsive and organized, providing all the necessary information to track project progress. The team is incredibly easy to work with.

They took our idea and made it into reality.

If you're working on a bot-related project, consider partnering with them.

  • Paul Gandar
  • Director
  • Stitch AI
  • Unspecified

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