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We help SME and mid-tier business leaders make sense of, and successfully adapt to, rapidly evolving work landscapes.

The commercial world is in the midst of game-changing transformation.

Consumer behaviour is changing, and we bring those behaviours with us to work. Technology creates massive efficiency and opportunity, yet simultaneously re-writes the tasks that humans do at work. Future organisations will, by default, be increasingly lean and agile. The rise of multiple employment types changes labour market dynamics. Evolving socio-cultural attitudes reframe what we expect from our workplaces. COVID-19 adds further ambiguity.

These are just some of the convergent trends transforming the very essence of work, driving the requirement to re-construct how we work.

By the end of the 2020s, the way we organise and lead our workplaces will look very different to anything we've known previously.

Our trend analysis provides future-focused market and business intelligence. This intelligence underpins custom-built workforce re-design and optimisation strategies, to enhance organisational resilience and maximise workforce agility.

Workplace disruption is the new normal. We believe in preparedness and our approach to future-readiness helps organisations shift forward to successfully meet the new market dynamics of the all-digital age.

 Are you ready for the future of work?

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The WtF team use their deep knowledge and research to curate the very best content out there; always intelligent, well-articulated, thought-provoking. The newsletter puts in front of me the intelligence I haven’t had time to find for myself - a not-to-be-missed stimulation.

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I’ve been cutting down on newsletters in the pandemic and WorkingTheFuture has stayed the course. It’s personable, relatable and contains nuggets of wisdom, whether book recommendations (Hustle & Float was great), that bit of HeadCandy at the end - Norman Foster on the future of urban planning for example. There is something for me in every newsletter, and some even get stored

  • Mark Elliott
  • Business Coach
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