Yvette Lamidey - The Business Locksmith

Yvette Lamidey - The Business Locksmith

An experienced business coach and mentor who's worked with many companies helping the business owners and leaders make the changes they want

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Business strategist, innovator, intuitive and creative thinker and thought leader working with heart centred businesses and people philanthropists predominantly in the service industry including professional services.

Often these businesses want to forge new paths and set new standards and metrics for their particular industry – how the industry thinks, how it behaves, how people are supported and how customers and clients are supported. They recognise that the way of doing business has to change and they want to be the leaders for this. The business owners and leaders stand up and stand out.  

The businesses have strong core values, everything is aligned to this, they will take bold action and set bold targets, they become resilient and thrive. The work we do together supports them in this and helps them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. We work together on what might be stopping them and thinking about timing, very often things can happen sooner than you think and if 2020 has taught us anything it's that innovation and change can happen very quickly and doesn’t need the months or even years of planning that we would historically have done.  

I use the intuitive Unlocking Conversations and then the mirror, lens, laser process to help the clients achieve this and have seen some great results and great shifts and the clients see this for themselves as well. 

Many businesses have strategies, plans, processes and procedures but don’t use them on a day to day basis. These documents are filled with aspirations but not outcomes and people don’t have the time to spend on the delivery.  

Together we revisit them and turn them into something that’s workable, achievable and not overwhelming and help everyone in the business understand their role and support them. 

We can also flex them as markets and circumstances change.

This may include workshops and teach-ins and developing leadership programmes for the senior people which are aligned to the business and its core values with executive and team coaching and mentoring. 

I use practical frameworks and simple to use tools; not theories and models. I’m licenced to use some of the tools which have been tested in the past including large corporates and have my own take on them plus my own experience in business and the learnings from other thought leaders I have worked with and use this with clients. 

And where a business wants to maintain a steady state the same practical things can be done to help them be resilient and thrive. 

I have worked with more than 70 companies on actionable strategy, achievable plans, business growth and business and people development. And have worked with more than 40 individuals on their personal development outside of those businesses. 

  • Yvette Lamidey - The Business Locksmith
  • 29 Oxford Street Wolverton Buckinghamshire MK12 5HP

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Yvette can unlock the potential in your team and your business. Her advice, insight and expert knowledge can help any business owner. She mixes common sense, practical experience and creative thinking to help you and your team. You get clarity, focus and a new perspective. If you own a business and want to “see the wood for the trees” or develop your team to the next level then you need chat with Yvette. She will help you grow

  • Adam Moore
  • Partner
  • MooreFeakins
  • Unspecified

Yvette is extremely knowledgable and offers great advice . I have attended one of her training days and found some great tips that I have implemented in my business. from the advice Yvette has given me I have had a massive return on my investment. It is refreshing to meet and use such a great business consultant who knows her stuff. I will be working with Yvette again without question

  • Alan Price
  • Director
  • Inside Business
  • Unspecified

“I recently attended one of Yvette’s 'How to easily Unlock hidden profit' events - it was well structured and interactive and really made me think hard about my business and my behaviours. I came away with several new tools that I know will be of real value to me. Two simple but highly effective planning tools I have already implemented which I know will have a disproportionate impact on my business”

  • Jo Thurman
  • Career Coach and Outplacement Specialist
  • People Career Management
  • Unspecified

Yvette Lamidey has worked with LMC for several years, providing confidential coaching support to all my employees. She has delivered a key part of our benefits package for employees, designed to provide every individual with the bespoke, personal, one-to-one support they need to become the very best version of themselves and to maximise the extensive opportunities for personal and professional growth that LMC provides. Yvette has given particularly important mental health and coaching support to one young woman in my team who is struggling with some very difficult personal circumstances. She has run tailored training workshops for group learning, and has also helped us challenge and tackle under-performers through our performance management process. Her influence cannot be over-stated – Yvette has attended my quarterly business strategy meetings as a trusted adviser who can help me shape the business for the future, and her wise counsel and personal support to me and my team has helped LMC achieve its ambitious growth targets. Yvette is a natural networker, someone whom people quickly warm towards, and she always is thinking of ways to introduce like-minded people for their mutual benefit.

  • Liz Male
  • MD
  • LMC
  • Unspecified

I've known Yvette for several years as she has featured strongly in my business network and in many business groups in which I've participated. Yvette has a very deep understanding of the public and private sector, and a wealth of business and organisational experience, which is why I asked her if she would mentor me. I was very fortunate that Yvette agreed, and since then I've been more driven, more focused, and I make better decisions. Yvette's great to work with and I'd highly recommend her to others.

  • Mark Walker
  • Group Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Ashridge Group Ltd
  • Unspecified

I decided to use Yvette's services when I needed to grow my business and "see the wood form the trees" Yvette takes a great amount of time understanding clients requirements then offers a truly bespoke solution. When I was searching for some help, I gravitated to Yvette because of her vast experience as Director level and continued self development. If you want to take your business forward, I can highly recommend you use Yvette's services. Quite simply the methods and tools work!

  • Mike Corbridge
  • Owner
  • Social Media Black Belt
  • Unspecified

On behalf of everyone, I would like to express my gratitude, as your term as Chair at Festive road. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment that you have invested into the company. Over the last fourteen months, your stewardship has been greatly appreciated; your input and direction has increased our profile and visibility, both in the business world and within ourselves. The resulting recognition has become an asset to Festive Road; and the relationships you have fostered within the Milton Keynes community will help to ensure our prosperity and continued growth over the forthcoming months and years. By all measures, Festive Road has progressed under your direction, and for that we are extremely grateful. Your energy and devotion to the role is missed, but you leave Festive Road a better organization and on a strong footing for those who follow you. It is my great pleasure on behalf the directors to thank you for your dedication and the great job you have accomplished in the short time with us, and wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

  • Simon Tipping
  • Director and Co-Founder
  • Festive Road
  • Unspecified

I wish to express my sincere gratefulness to Yvette for mentoring me and all the contribution you have given me over the years. You truly are a gift, Tim

  • Tim Gillis
  • Payroll Manager
  • Unspecified

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