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Executive coach and mentor and business life coach. Helping business leaders reconnect with their vision and make the changes they want

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Everyone has a box of dreams for their business, their business life and their life outside of business. But the thing is we keep putting the lid back as the busyness of business gets in the way. So over time, we lose connection and passion for the business and feel something’s missing because we’ve not only closed the lid on our box of dreams but kicked it into the corner.

We’re left with a niggle that on some days feels bigger than others, a knowing that things could be different and we have far less satisfaction in our daily lives.  

I’ve worked with many business owners and business leaders to help them make the changes they want and need. And I've even measured projects not by the tangible ROI most people expect but by things such as a senior manager being able to get home in time to read his daughter a bedtime story every night for the first time in her life because things were now running smoothly. Or that the whole atmosphere had changed because of the different way of working, people were happier and taking less time to achieve things let alone less time off sick.  

And there’s the business owners who have a dream for how their life could be in 5 years’ time but yet that seemed so far away and they were losing focus; now they’re on track for that to be in place in 3 years and their whole outlook of the possible has changed.

Or the business owner who knows there’s a different way to do business but is wary as it’s against the norm and wants support in breaking the mould.  

And how do I do that… simply through intuitive unlocking conversations, understanding where people are now, what they want and what’s missing and then using a simple mirror, lens, laser approach to help them make the changes. 


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